Our offer

If you are an integrated PV producer


…and wish to recycle the Silicon kerf from diamond wire wafering process, you are at the right place. We offer:

  • green-chemistry based solutions to extract the Silicon powder from your kerf at a purity of 4-5N;
  • solutions to re-melt the Silicon powder, either into granules, or integrated in the follow-up purification process.

If you are PV-Si producer


…and wish to use purer Si for the hydrochloration or chloration process from recycled Silicon, you are at the right place. We offer:

  • solutions to obtain Si granules at high purity and right geometry for your process in order to increase your process efficiency.

If you are FBR Silicon producer


…and wish to recover the fines from the reactor or from the crushing process, you are at the right place. We offer:

  • solutions to re-melt the Silicon fines into feedstock Silicon either as chunks or as granules;
  • purification of the recovered Silicon to obtain Silicon feedstock, ingots, wafers, cells, and modules.

Resource from waste – ROSI proposes solutions for a circular economy in PV

With its disruptive and proprietary technologies, ROSI proposes solutions to recycle and revalorize the lost Silicon from diamond wire sawing kerf as well as from fines of FBR process.

If you wish to evaluate the Silicon recycling possibilities from your diamond wire wafering process, or from your FBR reactors, before making any strategic decision, you are also at the right place.

We do evaluation for you, for the potential cost saving and quality assessment for the Silicon recycling process.

Please contact us, and let’s drive the PV industry together to lower cost and better performance!