ROSI – Return of Silicon

ROSI is a company offering innovative solutions for recycling and revalorization of raw materials in the photovoltaic industry. Its technologies allow to recover high purity silicon and other metals currently lost during the production of photovoltaic cells and at the end-of-life of solar panels.

The limitations of the current production model in the  PV industry
Towards a circular economy in PV modules manufacturing
Towards a sustainable management for end-of-life solar panels

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Sébastien Schneider appointed CFO of ROSI

Sébastien Schneider appointed CFO of ROSI

Mr. Sébastien Schneider is financial expert with proven track record. As newly nominated CFO within ROSI Group, he will be responsible for the areas of finance, controlling, information systems,  internal control , investors relations, and bank relations. Sébastien...

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