Focus sur la “révolution” Rosi – un texte écrit de manière “pro et cool”  sur la nouveauté technologique qu’apporte Rosi et les enjeux colossaux derrière cette techno


ROSI – Return of Silicon

ROSI SAS from Grenoble in France, offers an innovative solution to recycle highly pure Silicon, either from “kerf”, an industrial waste resulting from the production of solar wafers, or from the Silicon fines as PV-Silicon production process loss. ROSI valorizes the high quality Silicon contained in the industrial waste in order to re-inject into its original PV production line.

  • Innovative technology and global perspective
  • Valorization of industrial waste and reduction of CO2 emission
  • Efficiency booster for PV industry

Recycling Silicon through ROSI’s leading technologies reduces at least 30% of CO2 emissions, increases production efficiency and reduces the cost of PV modules, thus, renders the PV industry into a truly circular economy.


Job opening

April 2018, Grenoble: Together with SIMaP, we are currently looking for an engineer in materials science (100%) with a CDD contract of 18 months. More information can be found here. If you are interested in joining us, please contact:...

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