Our Circular Products

ROSI creates new sources of high-value raw materials from local sources of retired products with full traceability.


High-purity silicon with drastically reduce environmental footprint.


High quality recycled silver from an abundent local source.


Secondary copper ribbons.


Secondary aluminium frames compatible with most furnaces.


High-transparency solar-grade glass cullets enabling new high-value products with a low-impact.

Advanced Materials

New products with advanced properties designed from recycled materials.

Our Recycling Services

ROSI offers best-in-class recycling services for all actors to improve the lifecycle of their product and projects.

solar farm aerial view with purple overlay

Recycling end-of-life solar panels

Chose the only solution worlwide able to recycle all valuable raw materials embedded in waste solar panels.

solar panel manufacturing facility with purple overlay

Recycling of manufacturing scrap

Improve the sustainability of your production by reducing your scrap materials and out-of-specifications products.


More details on what makes ROSI unique

What industry can use our recycled materials?

While ROSI serves primarily the photovoltaic industry, its recycled materials show advanced properties that make them a perfect fit for many industries. As long as the material is used at its full economic and environmental potential, any industry can use it.

What is the environmental impact of recycled materials?

Producing materials is traditionally done through mining and refining. By using much less energy-intensive and lower environmental impact processes, ROSI allows to creation of secondary raw materials with much less impact than what is available on the market.

Is the quality of recycled materials enough?

The materials recycled by ROSI are either as good or even better than the raw materials available on the market. The glass culets are the most transparent you can find, and the silicon is much purer than metallurgical grade silicon.

How does ROSI recycle differently?

ROSI is the first company worldwide to recover the most valuable materials embedded in solar panels: silicon, silver, and copper. By using low-impact and low-cost processes, ROSI is taking the lead in making high-value recycling affordable and scalable.

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