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According to BBC, worldwide, over one terawatt of solar capacity has been installed, equating to approximately 2.5 billion solar panels, according to solar panel recycling expert Dr. Rong Deng from the University of New South Wales. Energy experts are urging governments to take immediate action to address the impending global environmental crisis posed by solar panel waste.

ROSI, a specialized solar recycling company in France, aims to tackle this issue with the world’s first fully dedicated solar panel recycling factory. The facility can extract and reuse up to 99% of a panel’s components, including precious materials like silver and copper. This innovative recycling approach could enable the production of more powerful solar units and alleviate the scarcity of materials required for their construction.

The media added that the exponential growth in solar panel installations, coupled with the frequent replacement of panels due to advancements in design, further emphasizes the urgency of establishing efficient recycling chains. With predictions of millions of tons of scrap panels by 2030 and over 200 million tons by 2050, the need for comprehensive recycling solutions is paramount. France is leading the way in solar panel recycling in Europe.

However, ROSI is currently the only company operating at an industrial scale.