Our General Manager and Commercial Director, Antoine Chalaux, was invited as guest speaker at OfiRaee’s annual conference (Spanish national association of waste management organisations for electrical and electronic equipment), held in the city of Barcelona. The event, which attracted the participation of leading Spanish figures involved in WEEE management, provided a remarkable platform for reflection and collaboration. At the heart of the conference was a round-table discussion on the growing topic of photovoltaic panel recycling. Antoine Chalaux addressed the multiple challenges inherent in recycling photovoltaic panels, while introducing the audience to ROSI’s breakthrough processes for extracting the most valuable materials embedded in these modules.

 The dialogue that ensued was enriched by the participation of speakers sharing the point of view of a broad scope of stakeholders involved in this topic including Maria Vidal Tarrason, Gonzalo Torralbo Perez, Luis Torres, Guadalupe Cruz Muñoz and Jose J. Santos. All of contributed with their valuable experience and insights. What emerged from this enlightening debate was a collective recognition of the crucial need to develop a high-value recycling infrastructure in Spain. 

Spain’s rich history and expertise in the photovoltaic sector make it particularly well placed to foster innovation and sustainability in photovoltaic module recycling.

ROSI, a company that embodies innovation and sustainability, welcomes the opportunity to extend its services to the Spanish market. Our aim is not just to participate, but to play an major role in the development of a circular economy for the photovoltaic industry.