At the European Investment Bank Institute’s 2022 Social Innovation Tournament, which supports entrepreneurs who are making a social, ethical, or environmental impact, ROSI received first prize in the special category blue and green economy. It is in this momentum that the EIB produced a video followed by an article on the company with the interventions of Yun Luo, CEO and cofounder, and Hsin Hsin Fan, Commercial Engineer. They talked about the main axes on which ROSI works such as the recovery and reconditioning of the silicon, one of the biggest challenges of the company which is recouping used photovoltaic panels and the position of ROSI: a circular raw materials provider more than a recycling company.
 ROSI’s process involves recovering and reconditioning the silicon lost during production and isolating and recovering the various materials at the end of a module’s life. By doing this, ROSI can treat all types of silicon-based panels, of any shape or structure, and reinject these materials in the industry. Hsin Hsin tells us about it by saying: “That’s what differentiates our process from others. We can delaminate it until every part is separated, and recover five materials (silicon, silver, aluminium, copper, and high-quality glass).”
 One of the topics discussed was the raising of €12 million in funding, which it is using to build recycling plants. Our first site, in France, will start operating in early 2023, followed by others in Germany and Spain. ROSI plans to expand to other European countries, China, Japan, and the United States.
 The company also developed a patented process for reintegrating the materials into a number of industries, from solar to semiconductors. ROSI’s main revenue will come from reselling the recovered materials. “We don’t position ourselves as a recycling company, we position ourselves as a raw material provider,” says Yun. “Our vision is to consolidate critical raw materials that would be recycled from different sites across Europe“, she adds, referring to the company’s vision.