In the latest episode of the European Innovation Council (EIC) podcast, ROSI was invited to  discuss the crucial role played by “deep tech” start-ups in the transition of innovative ideas from lab to market. As a recipient of support from the EIC fund, ROSI illustrates the transformative impact of the EIC’s hands-on approach to supporting and accelerating the development of circular economy technologies.

The podcast features Antoine Chalaux’s insights into ROSI’s journey, highlighting the importance of a collaborative ecosystem for circular economy innovation. He commends the EIC for its unique ability to provide not only financial support, but also proactive engagement in guiding start-ups through the intricacies of market dynamics.

Mr. Chalaux emphasizes that ” Our biggest achievement since the grant we received from EIC was to become this Industrial company. We were able to finance our first industrial plant , we found the best location to do it, we built the site we ordered equipment and make them work at much much larger scale than what we used to do before. We hired the people to run this plant and to improve all the processes and all of that it took only 18 months so it was an incredible journey over the past two years.” The EIC’s commitment to fostering circular economy technologies aligns seamlessly with ROSI’s mission to provide high-purity recycled raw materials.

Listeners gain valuable insights into ROSI’s success story, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between deep tech start-ups and the EIC’s comprehensive support. To gain a deeper understanding of the circular economy landscape, don’t miss the full podcast available here.