We are delighted to announce the official inauguration of our very first industrial site, ROSI Alpes, which will be held on June 20, 2023. It is with great pride that we invite you to attend this milestone in the development of our company. This plant is the first in a network of high-purity recycling centers for photovoltaic panels in Europe, capable of meeting the challenges of this new, fast-growing sector.

Indeed, in France, it will be necessary to recycle 30,000 tons of photovoltaic panels in 2030, which represents a market of €26 million. The sector will then have created at least 100 direct jobs and 400 indirect jobs. At the European level, 400,000 tonnes of panels will have to be recycled, i.e. a market of €350 million and the prospect of 1,400 direct jobs. ROSI is well on its way to becoming the leading company in this new industry.

 In order to guarantee the quality of exchanges and to promote privileged interactions with our regional and industrial partners, we have decided to limit the number of guests at this inauguration. We want to bring together the key players in our community to strengthen our ties and celebrate together this important step in our growth.

  To allow those who will not be able to  be present physically to share this moment with us, we have planned to broadcast live all the speeches delivered at the inauguration. This live stream will be available on our dedicated media, giving you the opportunity to follow the event from anywhere in the world. We want to share our joy and enthusiasm with our entire network, even remotely.
 In addition, we are pleased to announce that the inauguration of ROSI Alpes will be followed by the publication of a white paper detailing our vision and development roadmap. This strategic document will reflect our commitment to innovation, sustainability and economic development in our region, France, and Europe. In this way, we want to lay the solid foundations for a fruitful and sustainable collaboration with our local and industrial partners.
  We look forward to sharing this unique moment with you and continuing to build together a promising future for our region and our industry.