6th November 2023, Grenoble / Freiberg

ROSI and LuxChemtech Join Forces to Revolutionize Photovoltaic Recycling in Germany

Grenoble, France – ROSI, a leading French photovoltaic recycling firm, and LuxChemtech, an pioneer German PME in recycling industry, are thrilled to announce their groundbreaking collaboration. This strategic partnership aims to leverage the combined expertise on material science and industrial scale-up capabilities of both companies to revolutionize the field of photovoltaic recycling for the German market.

With the increasing global demand for renewable energy, the photovoltaic industry has experienced rapid growth during last decades, leading to a significant rise in end-of-life photovoltaic modules today. Recognizing the pressing need for sustainable and efficient recycling solutions, ROSI  and LuxChemtech have decided to unite their strengths to pioneer a new era of photovoltaic recycling for Germany, the largest market in Europe.

This collaboration will take place within the market and industrial development scope of ROSI in Germany. With the support of European commission, French government, current shareholders and stakeholders, after construction and kick-off of its first industrial plant in France, ROSI Alpes, ROSI has taken  its first  steps into German market. The support of LuxChemtech will foster a mutually beneficial exchange of resources to strengthen the position of ROSI which has already demonstrated its leading industrial scale-up capabilities. The strategic collaboration is expected to play a pivotal role in implementing innovative processes on an unprecedented  large scale.

This being said, ROSI SOLAR, with the support of LuxChemtech, is committed to developing and commercializing sustainable recycling solutions that address the challenges associated with photovoltaic waste in Germany. By combining the respective strengths, both companies aim to optimize the recovery of valuable materials, minimize environmental impact, and maximize the reuse of recycled materials in the photovoltaic and relevant industries.

“We are really excited about this collaboration with LuxChemtech,” said Dr. Yun Luo, CEO of ROSI. “As a young and fast developing French start-up, I am grateful to get the support from renowned companies such as LuxChemtech. I am confident that a truly circular economy by high value and sustainable photovoltaic recycling at very high scale is not far away anymore.”

Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch, CEO of LuxChemtech, expressed equal enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in the photovoltaic recycling industry. The trigger for the move closer together is the successful collaboration in the EU project ICARUS, which is to be intensified in the upcoming EU project Quasar. Together with ROSI, we are poised to drive innovation, establish new industry standards, and contribute to a greener future.”


ROSI is dedicated to implementing large-scale recycling processes and maximizing the recovery of valuable materials in photovoltaic recycling. With a strong focus on  innovation and industry, ROSI is bringing at industrial scale sustainable solutions for the recycling of end-of-life c-Si based photovoltaic modules offering high purity recycled raw materials.

About LuxChemtech GmbH

LuxChemtech GmbH, which was only launched in 2020, has over 15 years of experience in recycling critical, valuable materials such as lithium or various semiconductors thanks to its two founders Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch and Dr. Ingo Röver. Silicon has been a focus for a long time and the young company has developed a number of interesting and innovative recycling solutions for the PV industry.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Yun Luo, Yun.luo@rosi-solar.com & Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch,  wolfram.palitzsch@lc-freiberg.com.