For the first time, the delegation accompanying French President Emmanuel Macron on his visit to China included start-ups that focus on environmental impact mitigation. ROSI, as a leading company in circular economy technologies, was part of this delegation.
 During a lunch meeting with by President Macron and representatives from French and Chinese companies, the topic of discussion was the environmental sector, and how the two countries could accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future. Yun Luo, the CEO of ROSI, had the privilege to present the company’s innovative circular economy technologies that will drive the competitiveness of the European solar industry.
 ROSI has made its mission to play a critical role in the rebirth of a local manufacturing base in  Europe. We expressed strong ambitions to participate in an a European project of photovoltaic gigafactory, with the aim of reducing costs and lowering the environmental impact of the manufacturing of PV modules. We have already made significant progress in this area, and has received the support of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, led by Bruno Le Maire, for our industrial activities.
 ROSI is proud to have been part of this prestigious delegation, and will continue to strive towards our vision of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solar industry. Our innovative and cutting-edge circular economy technologies will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

France and the European Union are determined to create a new photovoltaic industry and ROSI is ready  to be part of this movement.