20th Novermber 2023, Grenoble / Baoding

ROSI and Yingli Solar establish a strategic partnership for a circular solar energy economy in Europe.

Grenoble, France – ROSI, a leading French photovoltaic recycling firm and Yingli, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality solar panels, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to a circular economy of solar energy in Europe.

This strategic partnership combines ROSI’s advanced technical expertise to recover high-purity raw materials such as silicon, silver, copper, and glass from the photovoltaic industry’s production and product waste with Yingli’s worldwide presence for the production of cutting-edge solar panels. By joining forces, the two companies aim to play a leading role in the transition to clean, sustainable energy on the European continent.

Mr. Peter Röthlisberger, Sales Director of ROSI, said, “This partnership marks an important step in our commitment to sustainable development. By joining forces with Yingli, we are confident that we can offer world-class solar solutions to our customers in Europe.”

About ROSI

ROSI is dedicated to implementing large-scale recycling processes and maximizing the recovery of valuable materials in photovoltaic recycling. With a strong focus on  innovation and industry, ROSI is bringing at industrial scale sustainable solutions for the recycling of end-of-life c-Si based photovoltaic modules offering high purity recycled raw materials.

About Yingli

Yingli is a leading global producer of high-quality solar panels. With a global presence, Yingli is committed to producing advanced solar technologies for a sustainable energy future.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Yun Luo, Yun.luo@rosi-solar.com