On Wednesday 28 September, ROSI received the “Industry 5.0” award from the European Commission.

The Industry 5.0 Award provides a non-monetary recognition to EU-funded projects that make an outstanding contribution to building a more human-centric, sustainable and resilient European industry. This could be by means of developing innovative technologies, industrial or supply chain processes, new business models, or by advancing the understanding of human-centricity, sustainability and resilience in industry.

Receiving the prize, our R&D director Yohan Parsa highlighted why the RAMP-PV project is a success: “From a sustainability point of view, recycling end of life panels allows to recover high value materials such as silver, copper, and silicon, while saving CO₂ and creating high value jobs. In addition to job creation, we focus on human centricity by preserving workers health with development of low temperature and soft chemical processes. Finally, by providing a local supply for critical metal such as silicon, we’re highly contributing to resilience of industry in Europe.”

The support of the European Commission to the project RAMP-PV and more broadly to the development of ROSI is helping us to accelerate the deployment of high-value circular economy in the photovoltaic industry.


Click here to watch the award ceremony